2015 Design Science: Global Solutions  Lab 

June 21-29, 2015

Human Rights and Human Development:
Eliminating Extreme Poverty by 2030

Students and young professionals from around the world* are coming to the 2015 Lab. They will be briefed by UN experts (from the UN Development Program, UN Environmental Program, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and other UN agencies),** develop comprehensive strategies for solving some of the world’s most critical problems, and then present their work at the UN. They will learn a powerful . . .

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Students from college and high school as well as teachers and young professionals from around the world.

June 21 – 29, 2015

at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA,
and the United Nations, NY

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*Previous Lab participants have come from Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Ukraine, Lithuania, Sudan, Nepal, Turkey, Venezuela and all over the U.S.
**UN presenters have included:

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